Affiliate panel overview

In this article, you'll find a brief overview of the different tabs and options in your affiliate panel.


On the Homepage tab you'll find the most important info summarized at a glance:
  • Your referral link
    Copy the referral link to your clipboard or click on one of the Fast share options.
  • Your earnings info
    This section shows you a summary of your all-time received and pending commission as well as the amount of referral orders and the total order value you've generated. 
💡 This data is refreshed every 5 minutes.
  • See summary data for specific period
    Pick a specific date range to see your daily performance for the selected time period. You can also export this data.
On the Profile tab, you'll have the following options:
  • Edit your personal data
  • Choose your preferred payment method (if the program owner gives different options)
  • Change your minimum payout sum (if the program owner allowed changes)
  • Manage your email notifications

Info page

On the Info page tab, you'll find all the info the program owner provided for promoting the store and the amount of commission you'll receive for each referral.
  • Your affiliate link and the short version
  • QR code
  • Coupon code
  • Associated Tags
  • Associated emails
  • Custom commission products
⚠️ The info you see on this page depends on the settings of the program owner.

Link Generator

On the Link Generator tab, you can easily create your affiliate links to specific pages of the store. Just copy/paste the link and click on Generate to receive your personal custom link. You have two options to use this link:
  • Affiliated Link
    This link can be used to share on social media
  • HTML code
    This code can be used on your website or blog and is not suitable to share on social media
💡 If you want to generate a short link, activate the option  Generate shortened URL and  Generate discount link if you want that your coupon is automatically added at the checkout.


On the Stats tab you'll find info about your generated daily conversion.

⚠️ The shown conversion only takes paid orders into account! If the order isn't paiud yet it won't show up in your stats.

Pick a specific date range to see your daily performance for the selected time period. You can also export this data.

💡 The maximum time period for this report is 120 days.


On the Orders tab you'll see an overview of your recent referral orders and how they have been generated. Use the date fields to select a different time period. You can also export this data.

This additional info helps you to monitor the performance of your different affiliate links:

  • Referring page is where the affiliate link has been clicked from
  • Landing page is the page to which the referral was led to
⚠️ If your referral has used a coupon at checkout, then the above fields will be empty.


On the Payments tab, you'll find all the payments you've received and a comment for each transaction if the program owner left any.

Marketing Tools

On the Marketing Tools tab you'll find all the provided promotion material from the program owner to advertise the store. You can use those on your website, in emails, or share it on social media. Download the content or click on Get HTML code to generate the code to add to your website/blog, etc.
⚠️ If you don't have the tab Marketing tools, then the program owner didn't activate this feature.


In case the program owner created an overview of frequently asked questions for the affiliates, you'll find them in the tab FAQs.

⚠️ If you don't have the tab FAQs, then the program owner doesn't use this feature.


If you want to opt-out user from being tracked, you can add their IP and/or email address to the tab Opt-out and their clicks and orders won't be tracked anymore.

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