How to connect multiple affiliate accounts

If you have several clients you're working for within the Affiliatly platform you have the options to connect those accounts. This makes it easier to switch between accounts without logging out and back in.

Requirements to make this feature work:

  • same email address for all accounts
  • same password for all accounts
  • both accounts are on the same server (s1 or s2)
💡 If the URL of your program starts with it is on server 1 and with it is on server 2

In case you're using different email addresses and passwords, please make first sure that they're all the same for all of your accounts by changing the info in your affiliate panel.

The following steps explain how to connect your accounts:

  1. Log in to one of your affiliate accounts and go to the tab Profile
  2. Locate the section Connect multiple accounts and click the button Connect
  3. Re-enter your password and click Submit
  4. Check the box for Enable the connection of multi affiliate accounts
  5. Click on Generate new key and copy the key
  6. Log in to the other account you want to connect with and again, go to the tab Profile
  7. Locate the section Connect multiple accounts and click the button Connect
  8. Re-enter your password and click Submit
  9. Check the box for Enable the connection of multi affiliate accounts
  10. Click the button Enter existing key and paste the key you copied in step 5

After saving and refreshing you'll see the following dropdown menu next to your name in the top right corner:

💡 If you want to connect more than one account, simply start from step 6 again and make sure to always use the same secret key.
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