How are order statuses being updated?

When tracking your affiliate's orders inside Affiliatly you might notice that they are inserted as "Unpaid"/"Paid" into the app under the "Orders" section.

Sometimes, when you are keeping accountability of your affiliate's orders in order to manage commissions you might see that orders that have been already processed at your store still appear as "Unpaid" in our orders report. This might be confusing and you might think "Why is this happening if Affiliatly tracks everything automatically for me?" Well, the reason is that orders are updated inside Affiliatly at specific points of the order processing.

To avoid such confusion, we're going to explain you the exact event that Affiliatly tracks at your store to mark the affiliate's orders as "Paid" depending on your store's platform:

WooCommerce - when orders are marked as “Completed“ in the WooCommerce panel.

Shopify - when an order status is changed to Fulfilled/Paid in Shopify and the financial status for that order is set to paid (by your customer).
BigCommerce -  when the order status is marked as “Completed“ or in the case that the default order status option in Affiliatly is set to “Paid“, then marking the order as “Awaiting fulfilment“ in BigCommerce would also cause the order to be shown as paid on the report.
Ecwid by Lightspeed - when the order is marked as Paid in the store panel.
So this means that if you notice a discrepancy between the orders made at your store and Affiliatly, all you would need to do is mark the corresponding order status to your store's platform to trigger the order update so you can carry on managing commissions accurately.
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