How to integrate with WooCommerce

Here's a quick guide to perform the integration with WooCommerce

For the integration, the first thing we'll need to do is going to the "Integration" tab. There you will find most of the information you need to perform the integration.

affiliatly dashboard integration tab

The first step would be to click on this link that will download the zip file that contains Affiliatly's WordPress plugin.

affiliatly dashboard integration link to wordpress plugin

After downloading the plugin to your computer, you'll need to access your store's backend. Then go to the Plugins section and click on "Add New".

wordpress dashboard plugins add plugin

On the next screen, click on "Upload Plugin".

wordpress dashboard plugin upload plugin

You can click on "Choose File" to open a file dialog and navigate to the location where you downloaded the zip file or if you already have it located you can drag and drop it there. After confirming the file has been selected please click on "Install Now".

wordpress dashboard plugin select file to upload

The plugin will be installed and next you'll need to activate it by clicking on "Activate Plugin".

wordpress plugin activate plugin

Next you should see a screen like this confirming that the plugin was activated. You will also notice that a new menu called "Affiliatly Integration" will appear. Please go there.

wordpress dashboard plugin activated

Under "Affiliatly Integration" you will be asked for two pieces of information:1) Your Affiliatly admin code2) You r Affiliatly secure hash

wordpress affiliatly plugin options

The admin code it's right there at Affiliatly's "Integration" tab. Please copy it and paste it back at your store.

affiliatly dashboard get merchant account ID

The security hash is not on the "Integration" tab but in the "Account" tab. Please copy it and paste it on your store.

affiliatly dashboard account tab security hash
The result should look like the example. You can now click on "Save Changes" to complete the integration.

wordpress affiliatly plugin options filled

In order to test the integration you could go back to Affiliatly's "Integration" tab, look for the test URL that will be shown for your store and click to make a test visit. You can notice that the test URL it's the same as your store but adding a "?aff=1" at the end.

affiliatly dashboard integration tab get test link

After visiting the test link, if you go to the "Dashboard" tab on Affiliatly, you will notice that the visits total was increased.

affiliatly dashboard visit tracked successfully

This is the end for this WooCommerce integration guide. If you have any more questions and the answers are not available here, contact us.

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