Is it possible to use your service when directing traffic to Amazon?

Sadly no, Amazon stores manage different architecture and permissions structure that makes them incompatible with our service so we can't track activities such classic Amazon store, Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA), "Buy with Prime" or Amazon Affiliates.

Now it's a good time to remind you that here's a list of our official integrations for your review.

Affiliatly official platform integrations list

For users that do have a store that is officially supported and have a working integration but also have the "Buy with Prime" button:

You would just need to be sure that the order is completed inside your store having the complete purchase process end in your store. If you are able to hide that button whenever an affiliate link is used then we would be able to track the order.

If you have any more questions and the answers you're looking for are not available here, please contact us and we will gladly assist you.

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