How to change the affiliate commission

You can set the commission individually for each affiliate or globally for all affiliates. For each tracking method, a different commission can be set. 

Set commission individually

Go to the Affiliates tab and in the list of affiliates click the ⚙️on the very right of the affiliate you want to change the commission for. In the pop-up window you'll find the following fields where you can set the commission individually:

  • Percent from purchase via link tracking
  • Coupon commission
  • Tag tracking commission
  • Email tracking commission

Set commission globally

Go to  Settings > Tracking > Tracking methods and click on the Settings button next to the tracking method you want to change the commission for.

  • Link: Default commission for link tracking
  • Coupon: Default coupon code affiliate's commission
  • SKU: Custom Commission
  • Email: Default email tracking commission
  • Tag: Default tag tracking commission
⚠️  If you want to overwrite individually set commissions with the global setting check the box  Change for all affiliates underneath the commission field.
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