Why are orders connected with an incorrect affiliate?

When an order is connected with an incorrect affiliate, the reason might be one of the following:

  1. If you or your staff members clicked on one of your affiliate links (to test your program, for example) a tracking cookie is set. If you afterward manually add an order in your store, it can be tracked as a referral order in Affiliatly and a commission may be added to the affiliates' earnings.

    To prevent this you have the option to block the commission from certain IP addresses and emails. Go to  Settings > Tracking > Block certain user IP addresses and Block client's emails and add the IP addresses and emails separated by a comma. This will stop the tracking for all IP addresses and emails in this list.
  2. When a customer clicked several referral links from different affiliates. In this case, the affiliate from the link clicked first will be connected with the referral.
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