Are there examples of the static text?

Here are the most popular examples. For more, please check this document.

NOTICE: everywhere in this text, when you see words between the symbols “@“, know that they will be automatically replaced with the corresponding info i.e.

Registration email default text:

Subject: Your registration for YOUR-COMPANY-NAME's affiliate program
Body: Hello @affiliate_name@.
Thank you for joining our affiliate program!
To log into your panel, use this link: @link_to_your_panel@
In there you will find useful information about your referred visitors and referred purchases, also you will be able to generate your affiliated links, get banners and check your account’s information.
Do not forget to enter your payout information in your “Profile" page.
If you have any questions, please contact us at YOUR-EMAIL-HERE
All the best

Invitation email default text:

Subject: Join us in our affiliate program!
Body: Hi @customer_first_name@ @customer_last_name@!
Do you know that we have Affiliate Program?
Sign up today and get your own custom link to get some amazing rewards!
Share your link with everyone on your website or social media and every time when someone clicks on your link and makes a purchase you will get 3% of the price! 
Join us here: @affiliate_program_link@

New referred purchase email default text:

Subject: You have new referred order
Body: Congratulations @affiliate_name@
You referred a new purchase with price @order_price@ and you have generated @affiliate_earnings@.
Thank you very much for marketing our product!

Registration page text

Thank you for your interest in the YOUR-COMPANY-NAME Affiliate Program.
By becoming our affiliate you will get
- YOUR-COMMISSION% commission for each purchase your referred
- payouts when you reach minimum YOUR-DEFAULT-MINIMUM-PAYMENT
- the payouts are done via Paypal/Bank transfer/Gift card   (Note: it depends what payout method you have chosen)
Use this page to register by simply providing the needed info.  
After you register you will have access to your own panel, where you can view your referred visits and purchases, generate your tracking links and etc.
If you have any questions, please contact us at YOUR-MAIL

Login page text

Welcome to YOUR-COMPANY-NAME Affiliate Program
Login to see your stats or register to get an account if you don't have one yet.
Note: in your admin pane, in page Settings, check option “Design customization” to further customise your affiliate program panel.

FAQ page text

Note: Example questions to include in your FAQ text page. The answers are up to you and depending of the Settings you have set for your program
Q: What is the current commission payout for affiliates?
A: ….
Q: How can I get higher commission? (Note: add this question only if you have enabled the “Commission Tiers” option and/or you give higher commission based on performance)
A: ….
Q: How long after I refer a customer to your site can I get a commission? (Note: this question is only if you have enabled the Link tracking, this question is not needed if you are tracking only by Coupon code or Email )
A: Note: here you need to put the cookie’s duration that you have chosen in your admin panel
Q: When and how do I get paid?
A: ….
Q: Can I promote all of your products ? (Note: add this question only if you have enabled/disabled specific products from getting commission in the "SKU tracking settings" page)
A: ….
Q: Can I use my affiliate’s discount to make purchases at your store?
A: ….
Q: How to generate my affiliated links?
A: To generate a unique affiliate link, please go to Link Generator and enter an URL of your choice. When you click on Generate your unique link will be displayed.
Q: When do I receive a commission?
A: After the purchase was paid by the client.
@affiliate_name@ - will be replaced with the names of the affiliate to whom the emails is sent
@customer_first_name@ @customer_last_name@ - will be replaced with the client’s name to whom the invitation email is sent.
You can find information about the available auto replacing words at the bottom of each page where you have the ability to change the text.
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