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How to automatically sync coupons with your store

⚠️This feature is only available for Shopify!

To enable this feature, go to  Settings > Tracking > Tracking methods, click on the Settings button of Coupon, and check the box Automatic sync of coupon codes in your store. This will allow Affiliatly to automatically create and sync your coupon codes with your store so you only need to manage them in one place.

💡If not enabled, you have to create the coupon manually. Otherwise, your customers won't receive the discount!

To make the sync work, Affiliatly needs additional access to your store (create/edit/delete coupon codes). Follow these steps to grant access:

  • Click the button Allow additional scopes. This action will lead you to your store.
  • Approve by clicking the button Update app
  • Check the box Enable
💡You can cancel this any time by clicking the button Revoke additional scopes but be aware that afterwards Affiliatly won't have access to your coupon codes anymore!

Click the button Save coupon codes and a new section will appear below. There you need to define the following options:

Automatic coupon code sync settings

  • Discount for items or shipping
    Select if the coupon is for items or shipping
  • Discount value and type
    Select the discount type (value or percentage) and amount of the coupon
💡 With auto-coupons, only one discount type and value is possible. If you wish to have different discounts, you need to create the coupons manually in your store.
  • Discount is limited to one time per customer
    Select Yes if you want to limit the coupon code to one use per customer only
  • Create random codes upon each affiliate registration
    • If enabled, our app will create a random coupon code in your store when a new affiliate registers for your program.
      Set the parameters for the code like the following:
      • Choose a static prefix and/or suffix before and/or after the [square brackets]
      • Use X for random letters and/or Y for random numbers inside the [square brackets]
      💡 If not enabled, the coupon code selected from the affiliate upon registration will be used.

Click the button Save coupon codes. Those settings will be used when Affiliatly is creating the coupon codes in your store.

⚠️ All coupon codes added before turning on the auto-syn are NOT automatically created in your store and need to be added manually.
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