What is Affiliatly?

Affiliatly is a simple but powerful affiliate management software with a wide array of features available at an affordable price. Every plan comes with its full set of features and the only thing that differs with the higher plans is the number of active affiliates.

Affiliatly is a great solution for smaller and medium-sized stores and first-time affiliate managers because of the software's ease of use and price point. The biggest perk is its simplicity but still packed with big features and extremely responsive support.

Affiliatly will track and manage all your affiliates and provide you with in-depth information on all the traffic directed to your eCommerce store. In addition to the number of visitors brought in by each of your affiliates, you’ll be able to see the number of actual conversions, plus the corresponding sum of paid and unpaid orders.

We are constantly improving the app and are really happy when our customers have success with it. In the future, we plan on making the app even better by introducing new features and we are actively reworking and improving current features.

Visit our website to find out more about our integrations, plans, and upcoming features.

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