How to integrate with Recharge

This guide covers the base setup to integrate Recharge but we will also cover how to take care of tracking the recurrent payments that brought by the affiliates.

Part 1: integrating with Recharge

The first thing to do is identifying the version of your Recharge's account:

For this, the possible options can be V1 or V2. You can understand which account you have by checking the checkout domain of the subscriptions: 

  • if the subscription checkout is completed via the standard Shopify checkout and on your own domain, then you have a V2 account. 
  • if the checkout is completed on then you have V1 account.

After knowing your version, follow these steps to enable the order tracking from Recharge:

  • In Affiliatly go to Settings > Tracking > Third Party Checkout and check the box Enable
  • Select Recharge Subscription from the drop-down menu
  • Go down and click on "Save settings".
affiliatly settings third party checkout
Remember we taught you how to check your Recharge version? Here goes the part where things go different depending on the Recharge version you have.
If you have version 2:
You're done for this part! You finished integrating with recharge and move to part 2 of this guide.
For version 1 accounts:
(Friendly reminder: this is for version 1 only. If you have version 2 please advance to part 2 of this guide)
Copy the JS code that appears on the lower part of the Third Party Checkout screen and paste it into your  Recharge panel.

(This is just a reference code. The specific code for your account will appear under your  Affiliatly settings)
affiliatly tracking code example
You can also check this article to learn how to add the code in your "Thank you" page
Important: you will need to have the checkout process completed on the same domain as yours and to not use the default Recharge checkout one. Please check this article for more info:

Part 2: managing recurrent payments for the affiliates

For the recurring payments to the affiliate, please follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings > Tracking > Tracking methods, enable Email and Save
  • Click on the Settings button next to Email and check the option Auto associate emails with affiliate

Now, the customer email will be connected with the referring affiliate after purchasing and on every recurring payment, the affiliate receives a commission. From this point on, ask your affiliates to get their customers to go through their affiliate link and then buy a subscription so you can connect a customer's email address with a specific affiliate.

The affiliate will then receive a commission on  every order made with the set email address. No matter if the affiliate referred the sales or not.

The email tracking continues to work even when the cookie has already expired. In fact, this will continue for the email association duration set for that affiliate in the Email tracking settings page

You can also activate the option Auto associate emails with affiliate to automatically connect the customer email address with the affiliate. That way the email will be connected after their first purchase even though they ordered through another tracking method like link/QR or coupon.

You can learn more on that over here 👉 How to set up tracking by email

Note: This only works when the same email is used every time

This is the end for this Recharge integration guide. If you have any more questions and the answers are not available here, please contact us and we will gladly assist you.

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