What is a two-tier affiliate program?

A two-tier affiliate program lets your affiliates earn an additional commission, not only on their conversions but also for the conversions of the new affiliates they refer to you. This means your profit will increase even more due to additional sales from the customers that your second tier (sub-affiliates) has referred to. 

Example: Your Affiliate A refers Friend B to your site and Friend B becomes an affiliate as well. Friend/Affiliate B refers Person C who buys a product from your store."

  • Without a two-tier affiliate program, only Friend/Affiliate B receives a commission for the referred sale.
  • With a two-tier affiliate program, Friend/Affiliate B still receives the commission but Affiliate A also receives a commission since Affiliate A originally referred Friend/Affiliate B to your site.

Read this article on how to set up the Two-tier affiliate program feature.

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