How to set up the 'Two-tier affiliate program' feature

To set up the two-tier affiliate program feature go to Settings > General > Two-tier affiliate program and click the button to open the Setup page. Here you'll find the following options:

1. Enable
When checked this will activate the two-tier affiliate program with all the settings shown underneath and your affiliates will see their two-tier link on their Info page. We recommend checking Enable at the very end after you fully set up this feature. 

2. Turn ON for new affiliates
When checked the two-tier affiliate program will be activated and visible only for new affiliates. Your existing affiliates won't have access to this feature.

3. Turn ON only for existing affiliates
When checked the two-tier affiliate program will be activated and visible only for your existing affiliates. New affiliates won't have access to this feature.

4. Disable but keep existing referrals running
Enabling this option will stop the two-tier for new affiliates while the existing two-tier referrals continue with being tracked.

5. Recruitment Bonus
Enabling this option will reward your affiliates with a bonus you set for their referrals. The bonus will be visible on the Orders page in column ID as 'two-tier-sign-up-bonus-for-' + the referred affiliate's ID.

6. Two-Tier Commission
Enter the desired two-tier commission in %.

โš ๏ธ  Note: This commission will be in addition to the one your affiliates are already receiving.

7. Commission Calculation
Choose how you want the commission to be calculated.

Here is an example:
Affiliate A refers Friend B (Friend B is now an affiliate). The two-tier commission is 10% and the referred order sum $100 (B has referred a purchase to your store). Friend B earnings are $15.

Depending on the option value that you choose the two tier earnings will be calculated in either of the following two ways:
- Referred affiliate earning:  Affiliate A will get $1.5 (10% from $15)
- Total sum of order:  Affiliate A will get $10 (10% from $100)

8. Cookie duration
The cookie duration works in the same way as the 'Default cookie duration'. While the cookie is active, the registration of Friend B will be associated with Affiliate A.

9. Show visits and orders
Enabling this option will show your affiliates the number of visits and orders of their referrals.

10. Show name and email
Enabling this option will show your affiliates the name and email of their referrals.

๐Ÿ’ก  Those settings are global (except Commission Calculationbut you can also set them individually for each affiliate. Just go to the Affiliates tab and click the โš™๏ธ on the very right of the affiliate, then switch to the Two tier tab.

โšก  Warning: Paypal considers tierะตd affiliate programs as spammy networks. If you're using this feature and pay affiliates through Paypal you are violating their terms of service (even though this is only two-tier and not multi-level marketing) and there is a chance that your account will be suspended. Therefore we recommend using another payment method or contacting Paypal support for clarifying the exact details before enabling this feature.

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