How to pay affiliates via bank transfer


  • The payment method Bank Transfer (SWIFT) is enabled (Settings > Payment > Payment methods)
  • The affiliates provided the bank information in their account

To pay your affiliates with a SWIFT bank transfer, you need to make the transfer manually from your bank account as this payment method is not handled by Affiliatly itself. Afterward, the paid-out sum needs to be marked as paid in Affiliatly.

To do this go to the tab Affiliates in your admin panel and click the ⚙️ on the very right of the affiliate you want to pay out the commission. In the pop-up window go to the tab Earnings and scroll down to Affiliate's payment info. Here you find all the necessary details to do the bank transfer outside of Affiliatly.

After you paid the affiliate please go back to the same pop-up window (tab Earnings) in Affiliatly and scroll down to Manually mark sum as paid. Here you need to fill out the following fields:

  • Paid sum
    Enter the exact same sum you just paid to your affiliate
  • For date
    Select for which date you are paying the commission or skip this field to leave today's date as the default
  • Comments (optional)
    Leave your affiliate a note about payment details or the transaction ID
  • Administrator comments (optional)
    Add a note with additional info which is only visible to you

Finally, click the button Mark sum as paid. This will deduct the paid sum from the affiliates' unpaid earnings.

💡 If you have to mark payments for multiple affiliates at once you can use the option to mark earnings in bulk. Please read the article below to learn about this feature.
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