How to pay affiliates with gift cards for your store

Rewarding your affiliates with gift cards for your store instead of cash is a great way to encourage them to spend their commission in your shop.


  • Your online store features gift cards
  • The payment method Gift Card is enabled (Settings > Payment > Payment methods)
  • The affiliate selected and set up this payment method

To set up gift cards as payment method go to Settings > Payment > Gift Cards and click the button Gift Cards Settings.

1. Check the box Enable the automatic sending of Gift Codes. This will automatically send an email notification with the gift card code to your affiliate when they reached the minimum payout sum.

2. Customize the notification email by adding your preferred subject and body text for the notification email or leave the default text. To see how the email will look like click on the Preview button.

💡 Use variables like @gift_card@ in the email text which will be replaced with the actual data when sending.

3. Go to your store and create the gift card.

⚠️ Set the gift card value to the same amount as your Default minimum payout (Settings > Payment) in Affiliatly. This is the value used when the payment is marked in the affiliates' payment history.

4. Paste the gift card codes separated by a comma into the field.

5. Click the button Save changes

When a gift card code was sent successfully the code will be removed from the list and the payment marked in the affiliates' payment history. You'll receive an email notification about the payment as well as the info about the remaining gift card codes.

⚠️ When there are no more gift codes left, the automatic payment will be canceled.

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