What are commission tiers?

With commission tiers, your affiliates can receive progressively higher commissions based on their performance. You can also reward your high-performance affiliates even more by reducing their requirements for reaching the next tier if they achieve certain results within a specific time.

This is how the basic workflow of commission tiers work:

  • After each referral, our app checks if the affiliate met the condition set for the commission tier.
  • When, for example, the condition is set to $1000 in total referred orders, the affiliate has to reach this amount before being eligible to move to the next tier.
  • When the affiliate reaches the set condition, our app will move this affiliate up to the next tier and set the new commission value in the affiliates' account.
 âš ï¸ Only orders with the status Paid are considered!

The following commission tier types are available:

  1. Number of orders
    The total number of paid referred orders, associated with the affiliate
  2. Total sales amount
    The total sum of paid orders, associated with the affiliate
  3. Referred visitors
    The total amount of visitors, referred by the affiliate
💡 For more info on commission tiers and how to set them up, please read the related articles below.
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