How to set up commission tier rewards

With commission tier rewards you can reward your high-performance affiliates additionally by lowering the conditions for reaching the next tier if they achieve certain results within a specific time.

💡 To use this feature you first need to set up commission tiers. In case you haven't set them up yet, please read this help article before.

Go to  Settings > General > Commission Tiers and click on the Setup button. Scroll down to the section Set/Edit the Commission Tiers and click on the ★ symbol. Here you'll find the following options:

  • If an affiliate is on this tier and he/she is 
    Enter the percentage the affiliate needs to reach in order to get the reward
  • done for the next tier by day
    Enter the number of days before the affiliate will reach the next tier.
  • of the current period, lower the target for the next tier by
    Enter how much percentage the target should be reduced of the set condition.

Click the button  Save reward to save your changes.


  • The periodically reset is enabled
  • The affiliate is on the starting tier Tier 1 and has referral orders for more than EUR 40 which is 20% + from the condition of the next tier (Tier 2)
  • 10 days before the periodically reset, the condition for the next tier will be reduced by 15%
  • If the affiliate has referred orders of at least EUR 170 (EUR 200 – 15%) it will be switched to Tier 2
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