How to customize the tracking link

Go to Settings > Tracking > Tracking methods and click on the Settings button next to Link. Here, you can change the global Link Parameters or set an individual custom link for each affiliate which will overwrite the default global setting.

Link Customization

  • Link type
    • Location parameter (?)
    • Hash parameter (#)
⚠️ If you decide using the hash parameter, please read this help article for more info.
  • Link name
    • aff=
    • ref=
    • fid=

  • Global additional link parameters (optional)
    Add an additional parameter to the affiliate's referral link, e.g. if this is required from a 3rd party service you use.


⚠️ The parameter can not contain the symbol '?'
  • Enable custom additional link parameters (optional)
    Enable this to add additional custom tracking parameters for each affiliate. This option will unlock the field Custom Parameter in the List of Affiliates below.
⚠️ The parameter must be unique and can not contain the symbol '?'. Custom parameters will overwrite the global link parameters.

Click the button Save Link Settings and see below a preview of the tracking link.

List of Affiliates

Here you can add further custom codes to the tracking link, individually for each affiliate. If you leave the following fields empty, the set default values from above will be used.

  • Link Code
    Set an individual name for each affiliate to customize the referral link. If left empty the affiliate ID will be used by default.
    • Requirements
      • Only letters and digits are allowed (you can use "-" or "." as a separator)
      • No special characters (i.e. brackets, commas, quotes, plus sign, etc.)
      • Must be unique for each affiliate, no duplicates allowed
⚠️ Add only the name, not the whole link! 
  • Additional Link Parameters
    If you set additional link parameters, the value from the field Global additional link parameters will be overwritten
  • Commission
    If you set an individual commission, the value from the field Default commission for link tracking will be overwritten


  • Affiliate ID: 5
  • Email:
  • Link code: john

Before After
💡Both tracking links are working, so there is no need for your affiliates to change their already published links.
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