Which data does Affiliatly track and save?

The data which Affiliatly tracks and saves depend on the tracking method used. In the following, you'll find the info for each tracking method:

  • Link/QR tracking
    This tracking method tracks clicks and orders. When the referral link is clicked, a cookie is stored on the visitor's device so Affiliatly knows that this is a referred visitor even though no order is made right away.
⚠️ By default, cookies are active for 7 days. You can change this by going to Settings > Tracking > Tracking methods and clicking on the Settings button next to Link. If you want to set an individual cookie duration for each affiliate go to the Affiliates page and clicking the ⚙️ on the very right column of the affiliate.

When the visitor places an order, Affiliatly checks if they have an active cookie. If the visitor was referred by one of your affiliates, the order will be tracked and connected with the referred affiliate.

💡 Instead of getting the IP address of the visitor, our app generates random and anonymous tokens when the referral link is clicked.
  • Coupon
    This tracking method tracks the used coupon code at the checkout and checks if it is connected with one of your affiliates. None of your customer data will be saved.
  • SKU
    This tracking method tracks and saves the SKU data and also checks for additional set SKU conditions. None of your customer data will be saved.
  • Email
    This tracking method tracks and saves the customers' email and checks if this email address is connected with one of your affiliates!
  • Tag
    This tracking method tracks customer and order tags and checks if they are connected with any of your affiliates. None of your customer data will be saved.
💡 You'll find further info for each tracking method when clicking on the Settings button for the respective method ( Settings > Tracking > Tracking methods).

⚠️  Please check the Integration page and make sure that you followed the steps and that the integration with Affiliatly and your store framework was completed successfully. Otherwise, the tracking won't work!
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