How to set up tracking by QR

With the tracking method QR you can provide your affiliates with their own QR code. When somebody scans the code, the click and the orders made are tracked by the app. When somebody scans the code, they will be forwarded to your store and the visit will be connected with the affiliate. If the visitor makes an order, the affiliate will receive a commission.

💡 The commission has the same settings as the link tracking.

This tracking method works well for partners without a website.

Go to Settings > Tracking > Tracking methods and check the box for QR to activate this tracking method. There is no further setup necessary.

Your affiliates can access and download their unique QR code from the Info tab in their Affiliatly account. The QR code can be shared online or printed for offline use.

To see the QR code for a certain affiliate click on the Settings button of QR, enter the affiliate ID in the field, and click the button Generate.

⚠️  If the visitor is using an ad blocker, the click might not be tracked by our app as some of those plugins prevent our code from working.
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