Which tracking method has priority?

Affiliatly gives you a total of 6 different tracking methods to choose from:

  1. Link
  2. Coupon
  3. QR
  4. SKU
  5. Email
  6. Tag

Go to Settings > Tracking > Tracking methods and check the boxes of the methods you want to offer to your affiliates.

⚠️ You can use all of them or just one but be aware: Different tracking methods, have different priorities! 

Tracking method priorities

1. SKU tracking overwrites every other tracking method

  • If SKUs are set as disabled the affiliate won't get a commission no matter if another tracking method is used
  • If certain SKUs are set as allowed the affiliate will only get a commission for those
  • If an SKU custom commission is set, this value will be used to calculate the affiliate commission no matter what is set for the other tracking methods

2. Coupon tracking overrides email / link / QR tracking

  • If your customer used the referral link of Affiliate A but entered the coupon code of Affiliate B the order will be connected with Affiliate B.

3. Email tracking overwrites Link / QR tracking

  • If your customer's email is connected with an affiliate, the order will always be connected with this affiliate even if a coupon code or referral link of another affiliate was used

4. Link and QR tracking

  • QR and link tracking are on the same level. The commission rate is the same for both methods. The order will show the tracking method which the customer used when visited your store the first time.

5. Tag tracking

  • You can choose the priority for tracking by tag in comparison to the tracking by coupon (Tag Settings > Choose priority of the Tag tracking compared to Coupon code tracking)

    • Lower
      When a coupon was used for a referral order, our app will check the coupon code first. If the code is connected with an affiliate the order will be tracked by coupon.
    • Higher
      Our app will check for order and customer tags first.
    ⚠️  This tracking method is only available for Shopify, yet!
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