How to set up tracking by tag

⚠️ This tracking method is only available for Shopify, yet!

With the tracking method Tag you have the possibility to connect tags with specific affiliates. When our app finds the tag you set within the orders tag field or customer tag field, the affiliate will receive a commission for each that includes this tag.

This tracking method is perfect if you or your affiliates don't want to use the link or coupon tracking.

Go to Settings > Tracking > Tracking methods and check the box for Tag to activate this tracking method. To set up the tracking method, click on the Settings button of Tag. Here you need to define the following options:

  • Default tag tracking commission
    Set the default commission the affiliates will receive per order. This is the default value. You can also set this individually for each affiliate. If you want to overwrite any set custom commissions just check the box Change it for all affiliates and hit the Save changes button.

  • Tag tracking earnings type
    Select how the commission set above is calculated. You can choose between Percentage or Flat rate.

  • Where should we check for the tags?
    Select where our app should check for tags. You can choose between Order data and Customer data or select both.

  • Choose priority of the Tag tracking compared to Coupon code tracking
    Each tracking method has different priorities. You can choose Lower or Higher as the priority for tracking by tag in comparison to the tracking by coupon. 

    • Lower
      When a coupon was used for a referral order, our app will check the coupon code first. If the code is connected with an affiliate the order will be tracked by coupon.
    • Higher
      Our app will check for order and customer tags first.

Next, scroll down to List of Affiliates and enter the tag for each affiliate. You can also add several tags by clicking on + Add another. To remove a tag from an affiliate click the X next to the tag. For each tag and affiliate, you can also set a specific custom commission.

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