How to set up tracking by coupon

Tracking by Coupon allows your affiliates to promote your shop through coupons. You can provide each affiliate with one or more coupons and every order where this coupon is used will be tracked. This gives your affiliate a commission and your customer a discount for the amount set.

💡 In case you're also using the link tracking and a customer clicks the referral link and uses a coupon, your affiliate will only receive the commission set for the coupon code, not both!

This tracking method is ideal for offline tracking e.g. partners without websites. Also, coupons are the most common promotion method and therefore perfect for merchants who want to grow their affiliate marketing.

⚠️ If you can't find this tracking method on your Settings page it might not be available  (yet)  for your e-commerce platform. In this case, please contact our support .

To set up the coupon tracking go to Settings > Tracking > Tracking methods and click on the Settings button of Coupon. Here you need to define the following options:

1. Coupon code settings

  • Default coupon code affiliate's commission
    Set the default commission the affiliates will receive per order. This is the default value. You can also set this individually for each affiliate. If you want to overwrite any set custom commissions, just check the box Change it for all affiliates and hit the Save changes button.
  • Coupon code earning type
    Select how the commission set above is calculated. You can choose between Percentage or Flat rate.

The following options are only available for Shopify:

  • Display the discount code link to your affiliates
    Checking this will show your affiliates a ready-to-share link in their panel with the coupon already included. That means when this link is clicked, the coupon is applied automatically at the checkout.
  • The exact address of your Shopify store
    For the discount link to work, we need the exact URL of your Shopify store. If you have pages not hosted by Shopify this address may differ. You can find the URL by clicking on the 👁 symbol next to Online Store under Sales Channels in the Shopify navigation on the left. 
  • Automatic sync of coupon codes in your store
    Enabling this will allow Affiliatly to automatically create and sync your coupon codes with your store so you only need to manage your coupon codes in one place.
💡 Please read this help article to learn how to set up this feature.

2. List of Affiliates

Here you can add coupon codes for your already existing affiliates and also set a custom commission.

⚠️ Please keep in mind that each code must be unique!
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