How to reduce commission for recurring orders

If a customer orders more than once, you have the option to reduce the percentage of the commission for the affiliate who referred the sale.


  • Customer A was referred by Affiliate A and clicks their affiliate link. This sets a tracking cookie on the visitors' device for the defined time.
  • Customer A makes 4 orders, $100 each. By default, those orders are connected with Affiliate A, and while the tracking cookie is active the affiliate receives the set commission for all of these 4 orders.
  • By activating a rule to lower or disable the commission for recurring orders you could change the commission structure in the following way:
    • 1st order: Affiliate A receives the full commission (10% → $10)
    • 2nd & 3rd order: Affiliate A receives the commission reduced by 50% ($5)
    • 4th order: Affiliate A's commission is reduced by 100% and receives no commission
⚠️ If the referral order was tracked by link without active cookie and the same customer is referred by the same affiliate again, the customer is considered as a new one and the order count will reset.

To set this up go to Settings > General > Reduce commission for recurring orders and click on the Setup button.

Here you'll find the following options:

  • Enable
    Check this box to activate the feature
  • Hide orders with 100% reduced commission for affiliates
    If checked, orders with a 100% reduced commission won't show up on the Orders page

To add a rule, click the button Link tracking or E-Mail tracking, depending on which tracking method you use.

Here you'll find the following options:

  • more than or equal to
    Enter the number of orders for this condition
  • reduce
    Enter the percentage by which the default commission shall be reduced after the amount of orders set

In this screenshot, we set up the example from above for both, the link and email tracking method.

Click the button Save to save your settings. To remove a condition, simply click on the X on the very right.

💡 While the link tracking only works with an active cookie, the email tracking is not affected by this.
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