How to set up the PayPal API

To pay out your affiliates via PayPal, you need to set up the PayPal API. Please follow the steps below to connect PayPal with Affiliatly.

1. Sign up for a Paypal business account in case you don't have one yet

2. Log in to the Paypal Developer Dashboard with your credentials

3. Click on My Apps & Credentials on the left menu

4. Switch from Sandbox to Live and then click the button Create App

5. In the field  App Name enter a name as you wish and click again on Create App

6. Copy the Client ID and Secret and go to your Affiliatly account. Click Settings > Payment > PayPal API > Setup and enter the copied credentials. Click the button Save API settings

7. Go back to PayPal and click My Account on the left menu. Scroll down to the section Payouts and make sure it's enabled for Live.

You've successfully set up the PayPal API and you can now pay your affiliates through PayPal.

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