How to add creatives

Follow this step by step guide to add creatives like banners to your account:

1. Go to the tab Creatives and click the Add button

2. Click on Choose file and select an image (max. 1 MB) to upload. Supported image formats are:

  • JPG
  • JPEG
  • PNG
  • BMP
  • GIF

3. Visible for affiliates
This box is checked by default which means the banner will be visible to your affiliates.
Uncheck the box if you want to keep the image in your list but don't want to show it to your affiliates. For example, if the campaign isn't active at the moment or if you just want to upload a draft to finish later

4. Banner Category
If you have many different banners choosing a category will help to keep an overview and organize them better. By default, there are no categories. They need to be set up on the Banner Settings page first. Otherwise, you can just leave this field empty.

5. Banner Link
Enter a link in the field if your banner promotes a specific product, service, category, or, collection. Otherwise, you can just leave this field empty.

⚠️  If a link is set affiliates won’t be able to enter a custom link anymore when generating the HTML code for the banner.

6. Banner Size
Set the width and height for your banner by entering the pixel dimensions into the fields. If left empty the original banner size will be used.

7. Notes
In this field, you can leave notes or instructions about the banner for your affiliates. Otherwise, you can just leave this field empty.

⚠️ The content of this field will be visible to your affiliates!
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