How to set up creatives

For your creatives like banners, pictures, etc. we have some options you can set up.

Go to the Creatives tab and click the ⚙️ Settings button. Here you'll find the following options:

1. Show creatives in the affiliate panel?
Creatives are shown on the tab Marketing Tools in the affiliate panel. Enable this option to show this tab for your affiliates.

2. Open link to creatives in a new tab?
Enable this option if you want the set URL to open in a new window. When unchecked, the link will open in the same window.

4. Info text for the Marketing Tools tab
Here you can add a custom text which will be shown on the affiliates Marketing Tools tab. This can be, for example, a link for your affiliates to access your cloud storage where you can upload additional files like documents, videos, etc.

5. Categories
If you have different kinds of creatives, creating categories can help to better organize them. You also have the option to make certain categories only visible to specific affiliates by entering their IDs (separated by a comma) into the field Visible for. If left empty, the category will be visible for all affiliates.

Click on the button Save changes and start adding your first ceatives.

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