How to use the automatic link redirection in your store

First of all, you need to grant additional permissions by clicking on the button called "Allow additional scopes".

To make the redirect the synchronization work effectively, we'll need you to grant additional access scopes to our app in your Shopify store. These scopes give the ability to manage URL redirects (and the ability to manage coupon codes and discounts, as it's another of our features).

We will be using the additional permissions only to ensure these functionalities for your affiliate program and nothing more.

You can revoke that access at any time by clicking again on this button.

tracking link customization options to grant additional permissions on Shopify to Affiliate

After clicking on "Allow additional scopes" you will be redirected to your Shopify store where you'll be asked for a confirmation to grant the permissions.

As shown on the example below, Shopify will give you additional details of the permissions Affiliatly is requesting so you can count on a full transparency on this process.

After taking care of the permissions, it should look like this:

After granting the additional scopes you can scroll down to the bottom to the "List of Affiliates" section.

Here you will see each of your affiliates and can include the suffix that will be used to make the redirection.

Please use only letters and digits for the tracking codes (you can use "-" or "." for separators), do not include special characters (i.e. brackets, commas, quotes, plus sign and such )

custom tracking link options per affiliate

After doing this, the URL redirection will be created on your Shopify store thanks to the permissions granted. It can be confirmed inside your Shopify store looking similar to this:

URL redirects inside shopify store

To test your redirect, you can simply click on the lower left icon to copy your URL so you can paste it on another browser tab. You should see your store loading and when clicking on the URL bar the address will show the affiliate's code.

copy the URL redirect for the affiliate

You're all set!

This is the end for this guide. If you have any more questions and the answers are not available here, please contact us and we will gladly assist you.

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