How to migrate to Affiliatly from another service

We are constantly improving and pushing to add more and more value to our precious customers. And in the meantime, you may heard about us and you'd probably be thinking about moving your affiliate program to Affiliatly.

But then these questions come to you:

If I do that, is there a graceful way to switch? Could I manually add the affiliates from the other program?

Yes! There is a way...And we'll show you in this article.

Migrating your affiliates

If you have already created an account with us, you can check what info can be saved for every affiliate by checking page Affiliates -> Add affiliate. The fields shown in that window, will be similar to the fields which you can use when importing affiliates in bulk.

Note that you can control the fields by changing option β€œAffiliate registration form fields” in your Affiliatly admin panel under Settings -> Customization in the case that you need to add other relevant information from your existing program.

When clicking on Affiliates -> Bulk Import you may face this page, if you do, please ask our support team to enable the feature to you. We're sorry that you'd need to spend an extra few clicks to request it but there's a reason:

The functionality is not enabled by default because when the affiliates data is imported an email is sent to the affiliate. So we just take an extra check to make sure no miss use of the feature is done causing spam.

request to enable the function to bulk import affiliates

Once enabled, you will see the relevant options and information to successfully import your affiliates with the addition of a super useful template to use as base for this process.

bulk import affiliates information feature

Migrating your orders

Aside of affiliates, you can also add orders, this way you can move any paid or unpaid earnings of your affiliates to your new program.

You can see what can be imported in your Affiliate admin panel in Orders -> Bulk import.

bulk import orders information

Managing the email communications of your program

You may be used to send customizable automated emails to your affiliates or you would like to alert affiliates of upcoming sales and send out an affiliate specific newsletters to keep the brand on top of their minds.

If this is your case there is no option to email affiliates directly through the Affiliatly but you can use our Mailchimp or Klaviyo integration.

To set it up go to Settings > General > Mailchimp integration/Klaviyo integration and click the Setup button.

mailchimp and klaviyo integration setups

This way your affiliates' emails will be synced with your mailing list and you can easily send emails to all of your affiliates.

mailchimp integration

In case you don’t use Mailchimp or Klaviyo you can also export your affiliates' data to use with your preferred tool. Just go to the tab Affiliates and click Export.

Setting up your tracking methods

Coupon codes

With Shopify you can set that the app will automatically create the codes in your store. You will find all you need on the linked article.

Tracking links

Your affiliates can find their personal tracking link on the Info page when they log in to their account.

affiliates tracking links

Their link will lead to the URL you set in Settings > General > Your site address but will also include the due parameters to identify them as the referrers.

settings for site URL

If you want to customize the tracking link you can learn more on that over here πŸ‘‰ How to customize the tracking link.

Additionally, your affiliates can use the Link Generator feature in their account to link to a specific product or page of your store.

link generator for affiliates

You can learn more on that over here πŸ‘‰ Can affiliates link to specific pages or products of my store?

Onboarding and creative resources

If you want to add instructions to the welcome email your affiliates receive upon registration you can do this here: Settings -> Email Notifications -> Affiliate - New registration

affiliates new registration email notification

Affiliatly also allows you to upload banners called "creatives" for Affiliates to use so if you have complementary image assets this is the place to distribute it to your affiliates.

add creative images for the affiliates to use on their posts

Up to this point you should have everything you needed to migrate to Affiliatly right at your disposition. For more reference about the initial set ups you can also check this article.

In case of any questions, you can always contact our support team for further assistance. We're happy to help!

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